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Radio advertising is a unique and creative way to reach your consumers because it allows the consumers to use their mind and imagine what is being conveyed through mental pictures.

It has been said that "Radio is the theater of the mind" and thus Radio advertising has many advantages over other types of advertising. A lot of personality, energy and excitement can be generated from a radio advertisement. If you do it right, then your advertisement will also be very memorable. And the key with any advertisement is to remain at "Top of Mind Awareness" and thus when someone has a need for your services they will remember to call you instead of your competitors.

Another huge advantage of radio advertising is the low cost of each spot. Radio ads have the ability to reach a large target audience and, if necessary, a specific demographic all at a low cost per spot. The key is to know what radio station to advertise your message, the content of the message, how much to spend to get the desired results etc.

In order to advertise on radio properly, I suggest doing your research or having a third party (i.e. an Advertising Agency) help you plan the strategy. You will save money in the long run and get more in return for your investment. An Advertising Agency either will have some experience with companies like your company or has done the proper research and information to put a plan together for you.

Creating a well-written radio ad requires a lot of time, planning and research to make sure the advertisement is reaching the right target audience at appropriate times and on the right radio stations.

If you are selling a product that is geared toward teenagers you need to do it in the afternoon when they are out of school and driving home. However, if you are promoting a product toward businessmen, your advertisement will need to play after 5 pm and on a different station.

Radio ads create an emotional appeal in the listener's mind. The key is to make the listeners feel the advertisements are speaking to them and thus more relevant to them personally. Especially if the advertisement is playing on their preferred radio station or if it is their favorite DJ/radio host promoting that product. As a result of all the before mentioned, radio advertising has the potential to be one of the more profitable advertising mediums.

Whether you are opening a new business or just looking for a new, exciting way to advertise, give Anderson Creative a call to help you create a radio strategic plan and advertisement(s).

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Cable television is an advertising vehicle that requires research and planning to be effective. It is a very important medium that, if done correctly, can increase your company's profits greatly.

Television advertising involves three very important tasks: 1) creating an advertisement that meets broadcast standards, 2) placing the ad on television during a specific airtime so it reaches and is targeted at the desired customer, and 3) you will need to be detailed, do your researched and plan out the message paying attention to the images and content. So, it is crucial that you hire an advertising company. It is important when you research which advertising company to use, make sure the company has knowledge and experience in all these areas.

Television advertisement involves a lot of dedication and time on understanding the target audience you are trying to reach. There are a few key parts that need to be formulated in your plan. Some of these key parts are purpose and desired result(s).

When perfecting the written and recorded commercial it is essential that you pay close attention to the level of quality as it relates to sound and video. You should test the commercial on an audience that is like the one you are trying to reach before scheduling and broadcasting it to all. Make sure your commercial is conveying the right message to the target audience and also consider those who you are not trying to reach as they may influence the target audience.

In the United States, television advertisements are generally regarded as a very effective mass-marketing medium. This is because of the reach it has in comparison to other traditional mediums. Also, Large audiences can be reached and many households still spend a considerable amount of time watching TV. The advantage of television ads is they often cut into certain parts of regularly viewed programs that are either at the climax of their plot or at a major turning point in the show. Therefore, many people find the show too exciting or entertaining to turn the channel in fear they might miss it. So, then they end up being exposed to your commercial.

One of the greatest aspects of television ads is the fact that you can combine sight and sound in your ad. Sight and sound spark your viewers' emotions and help them identify with your products or services. If the viewer has their television on mute, then they will still see the image and the idea you are trying to portray. Or, if the viewer has their back to the television, they will still hear the message you are trying to get across. So while you are in production, pay attention to the images and sound individually. Meaning, make sure they can stand on their own and serve a purpose individually.

Anderson Creative has experience with creating cable television ads; so let us help you with your television advertisement campaign.

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Examples of Cable TV Commercials Designed by Us