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strategic planning
What is a strategic plan and why is it needed?

A strategic plan is a roadmap to create, renew and grow your business. The process of creating a strategic plan is as important as what product or services your business has to offer - perhaps more important! It aligns owners, employees and stakeholders around strategic priorities leading and showing the direction your business is headed. It communicates your goals, strategies, daily focus and programs. If done properly a strategic plan will engage, motivate, and retain external customers or clients and internal customers (e.g., employees, board, staff, donors, etc.)

A breakdown of the individual key sections of a strategic plan:

• Analysis and Assessment

This process involves scanning the field and gathering information on the environment, marketplace and your competitors. You need to build knowledge base and reports on trends, best practices, existing initiatives, gaps, etc. The plan requires commitment, resources input from the parties involved, conveys and builds buy-in through employee, owner and stakeholder engagement. A good strategic plan enables the business and/or organization to position itself in a larger landscape or marketplace building name awareness of your business and its products and services. It clarifies the uniqueness and the value your business adds to your complex marketplace.

• Evaluation and Refinement

• Strategy Development

• Strategy Execution